The latest from Nimbus9 for the iPhone 11 Series

It is not news that smartphone devices have become an integral part of our everyday lives. We have come to rely on them not only as a source of communication and information but as a vital assistant in our routine operations, such as navigating the roads or listening to music. That’s why most users choose to invest in complementary accessories such as phone cases and mounting kits; to ensure that their most essential tool is as well-protected and user-friendly as possible. 

That being said, not all phone accessories are built the same. With the recent arrival of Apple’s iPhone 11 series, Nimbus9 has launched a brand new corresponding lineup of highly stylish and sturdy smartphone accessories, now available at Cesium. All Nimbus9 products are Military Standard drop-tested, have wireless charging compatibility and a lifetime warranty. What’s more, every purchase is matched by one meal donated to an orphan in need through their partnership with Hero’s Heart,

Entirely new to the Cesium portfolio is the Nimbus9 Ghost 2 Pro — unique in its offering, it’s a package that includes a phone case as well as a car mount, all in one bundle so that users can conveniently interact with their phones while driving with maximum attention. With high-quality shock-absorbent TPU, the case is built for long-lasting protection and comes with an integrated mounting system and two outer shields of different colours that can be easily alternated. 

Available colours for the complete iPhone 11 series Black/Crimson and Gold/Blue. MSRP $69.99. 

The Nimbus9 Cirrus 2 offers dual-layer protection with an impact-resistant outer shell and shock-absorbing inner layer. It also has an integrated mounting system that can be used on daily commutes, putting road safety first. 

Available colours for the entire iPhone 11 series are Black, Gun Metal Gray, Midnight Blue, and Rose Gold. MSRP $34.95.

Finally, the Nimbus9 Phantom 2 offers the perfect synergy of strength and aesthetics, with an innovative 3D Hexa Pattern texture that provides optimal shock suspension and flawlessly encases the device for a mesmerizing appearance. It’s superior protection without the bulk, allowing for a seamless user experience so you’ll never want to take it off. 

Available colours for the entire iPhone 11 series are Carbon, Clear, Flamingo, and Pacific Blue. MSRP $39.95. 

The FAQs of Power Delivery

By: Ashley Frankel

What is Power Delivery?

Power delivery is a new and innovative quick charging technology that determines the right amount of power to deliver to any given device in order to give it a fast charge. Through a USB-C cable connection, PD compatible accessories and devices communicate with each other and subsequently assess the appropriate level of voltage to deliver/pull from one another.

Why use Power Delivery?

  • Quick charge: PD accessories deliver the maximum amount of voltage that compatible devices can handle, allowing for a faster charge.
  • Energy-saving: PD compatible accessories & devices only transfer the exact amount of charge needed?
  • Universal: PD accessories are compatible across a range of devices, from smartphones to tablets and even laptops!

What devices are compatible with PD Accessories?

  • Apple: iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, X, XR, XS, XS Max, 8, 8 Plus, iPad Pro & MacBook Pro
  • Google: Pixel 2/2XL, Pixel 3

The chart below is a recent study conducted by Ventev, which demonstrates the large improvement that occurs upon use of Power Delivery products vs the charger that comes with the purchase of an iPhone 11 device.

What accessories can I purchase with PD technology?

Ventev boasts a small, yet powerful line of Power Delivery products, from car chargers to wall chargers both with and without cables included with the ability to charge up to 27W.

Where can I purchase PD Accessories?

At Cesium, of course!

*CONCOURS* L’aventure vous appelle : GAGNEZ votre prochaine aventure grâce à OtterBox et LifeProof!

L’aventure de vos rêves sera bientôt à votre portée! OtterBox, LifeProof et Cesium vous invitent à participer au concours L’aventure vous appelle

Avec plus de 35 000 $ de prix à gagner, votre exploration du catalogue Cesium vous mènera à l’aventure qui vous appelle en un rien de temps!


Pour être admissible à gagner un prix, vous n’avez qu’à acheter des produits OtterBox et LifeProof auprès de Cesium entre le 1er octobre et le 31 décembre 2019.

Pour donner à tous nos clients une chance égale de gagner, quel que soit leur pouvoir d’achat, nous avons créé quatre catégories basées sur leur historique d’achats des 3 derniers mois. Demandez à votre gestionnaire de compte dans quelle catégorie vous vous situez.

Catégorie de participantsTotal des achats au cours des 3 derniers mois*
(17 juin – 17 sept)
Prix pour le volume de ventes le plus élevéPrix pour le % de croissance le plus élevé
TERRE60,000 $ et +7,000 $ de bons de voyage7,000 $ de bons de voyage
AIR30,000 $-59,999 $5,000 $ de bons de voyage 5,000 $ de bons de voyage
EAU15,000 $-29,999 $3,000 $ de bons de voyage 3,000 $ de bons de voyage
FEUJusqu’à 14,999 $2,000 $ de bons de voyage 2,000 $ de bons de voyage

* Les chiffres ci-dessus se rapportent au volume total d’achats de produits OtterBox et LifeProof par le client entre le 17 juin et le 17 septembre 2019. Veuillez noter que ces totaux sont utilisés aux fins de qualification, il ne s’agit pas de cibles de vente. Les achats totaux par client aux fins du présent concours (du 1er octobre au 31 décembre) ne se limitent PAS aux montants par catégorie indiqués ci-dessus.

Les gagnants du concours seront annoncés le 15 janvier 2020!


Cette année, les représentants en magasin auront également l’occasion de gagner des prix OtterBox et LifeProof incroyables!

Comment ça fonctionne : À la fin de chaque mois, pendant toute la durée du concours (du 1er octobre au 31 décembre 2019), les clients Cesium peuvent soumettre un rapport de vente indiquant la valeur totale des produits OtterBox/LifeProof vendus par chaque représentant. En fonction de ces rapports mensuels, Cesium remettra aux sept meilleurs vendeurs des prix géniaux, des gobelets aux glacières! Le prix ayant la valeur la plus élevée sera remis au représentant ayant enregistré le volume de ventes en argent le plus élevé.

Rapports de vente : Doivent contenir le nom du représentant, le nom de l’article, le code de l’article, le CUP de l’article, la date de vente, la quantité de chaque article vendue et le montant (en $ CA).

Échéances de soumission :

  • Rapports d’octobre : à soumettre au plus tard le 10 novembre
  • Rapports de novembre : à soumettre au plus tard le 10 décembre
  • Rapports de décembre : à soumettre au plus tard le 10 janvier

Les gagnants seront annoncés pendant la 3e semaine de chaque mois. Les clients recevront un avis leur demandant de fournir l’adresse des représentants gagnants afin que nous puissions leur expédier leur prix.


  1. Tous les renseignements sur les achats soumis doivent être véridiques et exacts.
  2. Pour être admissible à gagner un prix, le client doit acheter des produits OtterBox et LifeProof d’une valeur minimum de 6 000 $.
  3. Ce concours est offert exclusivement aux clients de détail. Les clients d’entreprise ne peuvent pas participer.
  4. Les participants ne peuvent pas remporter les deux prix dans la même catégorie. Advenant le cas où un participant serait en tête pour le volume de ventes et le pourcentage de croissance, il recevra le bon de voyage de la valeur la plus élevée, et l’autre ira à celui qui s’est classé deuxième.
  5. Une fois remis aux gagnants, les bons de voyage ne peuvent pas être retournés ou échangés.

L’aventure vous appelle. Y RÉPONDREZ-VOUS?

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To be eligible to win a prize, simply purchase OtterBox & Lifeproof products from Cesium between October 1st and December 31st, 2019.

In order to give each of our customers a fair chance to win regardless of their buying power, 4 categories have been created based on purchase history over the past 3 months. Ask your Account Manager which category you will be competing in!

Category of
Total purchases in past 3 months*
(June 17 – Sept 17)
Prizes for
Most Sales
Prize for
Most % of Growth
EARTH$60,000 +$7,000 in travel vouchers $7,000 in travel vouchers
AIR$30,000 – $59,999 $5,000 in travel vouchers $5,000 in travel vouchers
WATER$15,000 – $29,999 $3,000 in travel vouchers $3,000 in travel vouchers
FIREUp to $14,999 $2,000 in travel vouchers $2,000 in travel vouchers

* The numbers above indicate total customer purchases of OtterBox & LifeProof products between June 17th & September 17th, 2019. Please note, these totals are qualifiers, not targets. Total purchases per customer for this contest (between October 1st & December 31st) are NOT limited to the category amounts listed above!

Contest winners will be announced on January 15, 2020!


This year, in-store sales reps will have the opportunity to win incredible OtterBox & LifeProof prizes as well!

How it works: At the end of each month for the duration of the campaign (October 1st & December 31st , 2019), Cesium customers can submit a sell-through report including the total values of Otterbox/LifeProof products sold by each individual Sales Rep. Based on these monthly reports, Cesium will award the 7 top sellers with amazing prizes, from Tumblers to Coolers! The prize with the highest value will be awarded to the Sales Rep with the highest dollar amount sold.

Sell-Through Reports: must contain the names of the sales rep, item name, item code, item UPC, date of sale, qty sold per item, amount (CAD).

Deadlines to submit:

  • October reports: are to be submitted no later than November 10th
  • November reports: are to be submitted no later than December 10th
  • December reports: are to be submitted no later than January 10th

Winners will be announced in the 3rd week of each month. Customers will receive a notification to provide the addresses of the winning Sales Reps so that the prize can be shipped to them.


  1. All purchase information submitted must be truthful and accurate.
  2. A minimum of $6,000 in OtterBox & LifeProof products must be purchased to qualify for a prize.
  3. This contest is exclusively available to retail customers. Corporate customers are excluded from participating.
  4. Contestants cannot win both prizes within the same category. In the case where one contestant is the leader for most sales and most % of growth, they will be awarded the largest of the 2 sums and the other will go to the runner up.
  5. Once distributed to the winners, travel vouchers cannot be returned or exchanged.


What’s New from Blu!

The changing of seasons is like a reliable rotation of familiar elements, each bringing its unique traits and events to look forward to every year. With the arrival of fall comes the anticipation of changing leaves, cozy sweaters, new sporting seasons, and—a more recent tradition—the announcement of Apple’s latest innovations and upcoming product launches. The tech giant is widely known for its popular keynote event each September, where it spills the details on all the cool new gadgets and updates that will be released in the following months. The star of the show is typically its latest smartphone development, and this year’s event was no different—Apple revealed the shiny new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Pro Max.  

Meanwhile at Cesium, there are also exciting new launches this fall from our very own brand Blu Element—and yes, you guessed it!—they are compatible with the new iPhone 11 models, so you can be sure to keep your new device looking fresh for as long as possible.  

The first is the new Colour Kit package from our ultra-protective Armour 2X line. The kit comes with a secure inner case and 3 colour shell options, so you can switch up your phone’s look as you please. With military-grade durability, comfortable anti-slip texture, and wireless charging compatibility, your brand new device will be well taken care of. The Colour Kit is available in two palette options for the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro: the Bold Kit (black, gray, navy) and the Fresh Kit (black, teal, pink). MSRP: $39.99. 

The second newcomer is the Mist 2X, a special combination of Armour 2X’s protective qualities and Mist’s fashionable models. Designed to provide a firm grip and absorb shock with its military-grade drop protection, the Mist 2X even goes the extra mile to protect your screen thanks to the raised bezel. Four trendy colour patterns are available for the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro: Black Marble, White Marble, Sea Foam Green, and Cherry Blossom Pink. The iPhone Pro Max cases are available in Black Marble and White Marble. MSRP: $34.99. 

Cesium Now a Proud Distributor of Smart Tech Google Products!

By: Andria Piperni

Cesium is thrilled to welcome a variety of wonderfully innovative Google products to our brand portfolio! With the smart home trend on the rise, the cutting-edge and ever-growing tech giant is at the forefront of the market, offering everything you could need to make your home more self-sufficient than ever. What does that mean for our customers? Not only will running your home be easier and less time-consuming, but your mind will also be put at ease, knowing that they have your back when it comes to your family’s security and well-being. 

Let’s take a look at some of the exceptional Google products that Cesium is now offering: 

Home Security

Nest Hello: “Know Who’s Knocking”
No matter where you are, with Nest Hello you can always know who is at your door (whether they ring or not!), even at night thanks to its crisp HD images. Whether it’s a friend or a delivery person, visitors can announce themselves through the speaker—and if you aren’t available to answer, you have the option to reply with a prerecorded message. You can also go back and look at previous footage, in case you missed something. 

Nest Cam: Taking security to the next level
While Nest Hello has your front door covered, Nest Cam elevates your home’s security even further by keeping eyes on any area inside or outside your home. Nest Cam will send your phone an alert if there’s any unusual activity, even allowing you to speak through the app to scare off any unwanted visitors. So when you’re far away on a beach somewhere, you really don’t have to worry about a thing. 

Nest Protect: For the danger you can’t see 
The Nest Protect is not just your average smoke alarm—it’s an intelligent device that can test itself, be silenced directly from your phone, detect carbon monoxide, provide early warnings with a friendly voice so you can stop the problem before it even happens, and more. Even when no one’s home, all family members can receive alerts on their phone informing them exactly what is going on. 

Connected Home

Once your security concerns are taken care of, it’s time to enjoy life’s pleasures. Cesium offers an array of Google products that will enhance your daily life by providing convenient and user-friendly assistance and entertainment. 

With the Nest Thermostat E and Nest Learning Thermostat, you can use your phone to control and monitor your home’s temperature and energy usage from anywhere. 

With Chromecast, you can connect all your devices so that you can stream shows and movies, use apps, display photos, and much more from your phone, tablet, or laptop directly to your TV. (Tip: you can also view the video footage from your Nest Hello and Nest Cam!)

Of course, we can’t forget Google’s line of Home Assistance products. The Google Home and Google Home Mini are your personal hands-free assistants that can tell you the current weather, review your day’s schedule, play your favourite playlist, set a reminder, and much more just from a simple voice command. (Hint: Google Home also links with Chromecast, so you use it to watch TV too!)

If you’re more of a visual person, check out the new Google Nest Hub. It does all the same things as Google Home and Home Mini, except it has a screen so you can use it as a digital photo frame, watch YouTube videos, and control all your other smart devices from a single dashboard. 

SMARtphone accessories

Finally, Cesium is proud to offer sleek and durable phone cases for the Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL; the wireless Pixel Buds for superior audio, access to the Google Assistant, and real-time translation; as well as the Pixel Stand for fast wireless charging, powerful stereo audio, and access to the Google Assistant and Google Nest cameras. 


Brand and Purchasing Director Diana Adam expressed Cesium’s pride and excitement over the new partnership, saying, “We hope this addition to our portfolio will make Cesium synonymous with home automation solutions.” 

Check out the incredible line of Google products, now available at Cesium!


The Ultimate Guide to PopGrips vs. PopTops

The dawn of Swappable PopGrips back in 2018 has opened up a new world of Pop-sibilities. With a swapping system as simple as opening a pill bottle, users have the ability to change up their PopTop as often as they like in order to keep up with their ever-evolving style. Gone are the days of removing & replacing the entire PopGrip in order to switch up your design.

The best part? These multi-functional accessories are both wireless charging & “Otter + Pop” Case compatible. It is safe to say that this new generation of PopGrips is definitely giving consumers something to POP about.

Check out Cesium’s handy Swappable PopGrip & PopTop guide to discover how simple it is to add value to your business with infinite swappabilities!

Read more about the new Swappable PopGrips & PopTops on MobileSyrup!

Shop PopGrips | Shop PopTops

Peak Collaboration Begins at Cesium

Surround yourself with the right people and anything is possible! Here at Cesium, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do if it wasn’t for the exceptional team we work with.

“[We have] a fun and energetic team that is very passionate about our business,” says Sanjay Bakshani, co-founder of Cesium.

However, building a top-notch team doesn’t happen overnight. Cesium recently wrapped up a memorable edition of it’s Annual Sales Summit. Once a year in Spring, Cesium gathers it’s entire sales force together for a series of vendor training and breakout sessions as well as team building activities.

For one week, the Cesium HQ Office in Montreal is more abuzz than usual with knowledge and insight sharing as some of Cesium’s key vendors present new and upcoming products and market updates, as well as discuss potential market opportunities, industry news, trends, and business strategies.

As Cesium boasts a cross-Canadian team, these summits provide an incredible opportunity for the sales team to come together to share successes and challenges and provide savoir-faire from different regions. Above all, it allows Cesium’s team to strengthen relationships with vendors and each other in order for Cesium to continue to deliver a great experience for customers.

“We love to go the extra mile to drive recognition and celebrate milestones just like sports teams celebrate championships,” says Vicken Kanadjian, co-founder of Cesium. “At the end of the day, a motivated team & solid teamwork help us achieve one of our core values; to Win and Have Fun.” 

In case you haven’t heard, first-rate brand Incase is here!

By: Andria Piperni

These days, there are few material things that play such an integral part of our everyday lives as do our tech devices. Laptops, tablets, smartphones—they’re more than just a piece of hardware, they are the door to an infinite world of adept tools, invaluable resources, and budding networks. They are the connection to people, places, jobs, goods and services that we otherwise may never have reached. That’s why, when we invest in these devices, we want the best. And the best devices only deserve the best protection.

Introducing Incase—the global leader in Macbook protection, now available at Cesium. It is the  #1 Apple Macbook accessory brand after over 10 years in Apple stores and the primary supplier of Macbook protection for Apple and Best Buy alike, so you can rest assured that you are getting nothing but the greatest for your devices.

Incase’s products are more than just premium protection, they are lightweight, clean designs that offer stylish organization while still remaining compact and form-fitting.

Cesium now carries a variety of these exceptional accessories, like the ever-classic Hardshell Case (MSRP: $69.99), available in multiple colors for those who want to add some personality to their laptops. The Woolenex line offers a unique look and feel with its Textured Hardshell (MSRP: $94.49), Slim Sleeve (MSRP: $69.99), and ICON Sleeve (MSRP: $94.49) products that are composed of a tightly knit, versatile textile with stunning color depth and long-lasting resistance to abrasions and environmental elements.

Finally, get the real deal with Incase’s Flight Nylon, originally used in flight jackets for its remarkable durability, luxurious aesthetic and velvety soft material that’s also easy to clean. Products available with Flight Nylon are the Compact Sleeve (MSRP: $69.99), the Compass Backpack (MSRP: $109.99), and the Compass Brief 13” (MSRP: $73.99).

Keep your devices in style and in good hands with Incase, now available at Cesium! Shop Now

Sleek and Functional Accessories for the Latest Samsung Galaxy Series

By: Andria Piperni

The new Samsung Galaxy A series is on its way, and with it, a new line of practical and fashionable accessories at Cesium. The highly anticipated North American launch by the Android giant includes 3 new devices (the A20, A50, and A70), each offering different features and price points to cater to various needs. But the choices don’t have to stop there—with Samsung’s exciting new lineup of covers and cases, the Galaxy A phones can be personalized one step further in both design and functionality—and of course, elevated protection. 

For those who seek something sleek yet durable, the new Gradation Cover is ultra-thin and lightweight and shields your phone from dreaded nicks and scratches.

If you’re looking for somewhere to store your cards, the Wallet Cover has a nifty hidden pocket, not to mention all-around protection and built-in sensors that turn your screen on and off for you.

The Araree and Wits are also attractive options, offering better margins for the same excellent OEM quality thanks to their partnership with Samsung. For extra protection on the corners and fingerprint resistant, flexible material, try the Araree.

Finally, if you prefer something soft to the touch with a hardcover build, be sure to check out the Wits Premium Hard Case

About the Samsung Galaxy A Series

The Galaxy A Series boasts a Super AMOLED Display that stretches to every corner, a multi-lens camera that allows stunning photography (day or night, indoor or outdoor), an easy-to-use fingerprint sensor that provides extra security, and many more exceptional features. A device like that deserves a superior suit of armour—whether for the design, the function, or both!

These Samsung accessory lines are now available at Cesium! Shop Now