Time to Meet Verus


“The World to Share Experience”…this is how Verus describes their product, and Cesium is extremely excited to announce that it is the exclusive distributor of this product for the Canadian retail market.

But wait…who is Verus? Founded in 2004, in South Korea, Verus is a premium case manufacturer and designer offering unique designs with excellent quality. They pride themselves on creative out of the box thinking, thus a large part of their success is due to a business model centering on constant evolution and innovation. With annual revenues of over $50 million (USD), successful exports to 60 countries and a portfolio of over 150 products, you can trust that Verus knows what they are doing.

Verus has had a very strong online presence over the past 3+ years; this includes leading marketplaces such as Amazon.com. The company has been featured in many positive reviews from known industry sources such as: Mac Rumors, Run Around Tech, 9to5mac, Phone Arena, Android Central, Engadget and XDA Developers forums.The online tech community already knows all about Verus, and their high quality standards, now it’s time for you to share in the knowledge and learn about the advantages that Verus offers you!


Let’s face it, the packaging experience is the first step to any product interaction, and therefore probably the most important. A positive customer experience ultimately entails showcasing a product with the goal of leaving lasting first impressions. You only get one shot at first impressions!

All Verus cases (with the exception of the Layered Dandy), come in a clear plastic shell packaging. This allows your customer to see the Verus case from all angles without having to open packaging. Bright blue accents along the bottom, on the front, catch the customer’s eyes and draw them into taking a closer look. The name of the case is clearly identified, along with the phone compatibility. On the back, the customer will find more information on the case, with a translation in 6 key international languages.

As mentioned, the Layered Dandy (leather) cases are the only exception to the usual Verus packaging. They come in a white slim cardboard box that clearly shows the case (picture) on the front. The back of the packaging is basic, only detailing the colour and features. The idea is that your customer is going to want to open this package and try the Layered Dandy on their phone.

On the inside packaging your customer will find not only the Verus case, but a Certificate of Authenticity. On the back of the certificate is a code. Your customer will enter this code on the Verus website to verify that their case is 100% Verus authentic. This adds to the premium feel of the brand and the overall user experience.


All Verus cases have smoothed off edges and no loose plastics or rubber. They fit just like a glove! All ports and cut-outs lineup perfectly with the phone. The cases are ergonomic and have a very solid feel once put on to your phone. High quality buttons are precisely measured and offer excellent and enjoyable feedback. Verus cases are very satisfying to handle. The high quality build ensures that there are no disruptions to signal or functionality once the case is slipped on.

In terms of design, Verus offers a line-up for every lifestyle, each of which is available in multiple colors and designs. Stay tuned for the follow-up post for a review on each specific line-up!


Verus has combined protection with design and functionality.

All Verus cases have a unique AIR SPACE that is designed to absorb impact from accidental drops and bumps. These Air Spaces can usually be found in the inside corners. In fact, Verus has even labeled them. Have a look inside the case to see for yourself!

Verus cases also have a “lay on table” design; this means you can put the phone face-down, on a flat surface, and your phone will be raised between 1.0 and 1.4 millimeters from the flat surface. This will be of interest for users of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge Plus!


So, with all of these features, unique designs and premium looks you probably think they are at a high cost. Think again! Verus cases start at a MSRP of $34.95 CAD and go up to $39.95!

With this level of pricing, Verus becomes very competitive on the market. It offers the perfect combination of features, design, and value, all while maintaining its status as a premium brand.


As of its launch at Cesium, on September 1st, 2015, Cesium is supporting the following devices with Verus:
• Apple iPhone 6
• Apple iPhone 6 Plus
• Samsung Galaxy S6
• Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
• Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
• Samsung Galaxy Note 5

To sum up, it is not often that a case manufacturer comes along with such a wide selection of products that offer so many unique features. What really sets Verus apart from the increasingly flooded case market is their premium feel at such a competitive price point. Verus truly embodies the perfect balance of functionality while meeting design.

Cesium truly believes that Verus can fit any demographic of customer and should be a staple in your product offering. We’re excited to be Verus’ exclusive Canadian distributor and we plan to grow the brand with effective and measurable marketing initiatives.


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