Otterbox Symmetry – Protect your Device while Expressing your Personality!


I think you are all faced with the same dilemma… you want phone protection but you don’t want to lug around a big bulky case, am I right?

Luckily, there is a solution for you: the OtterBox Symmetry Series.

This line offers you protection with OtterBox’s Certified Drop+ Protection, while remaining stylish and not nearly as bulky as most protective cases.

The Symmetry series offers you the protection you need and the style you want. It uses a slim one-piece design with a combination of shock absorbing polycarbonate and flexible TPU. The inside of the case is designed for shock absorption. When looking inside you will find a thin lined layer of TPU that raises the phone’s back away from the hard polycarbonate back of the case; this acts as a cushion for drops and serves as built in air channel.

In the area where the buttons lineup, OtterBox has made the case edge flexible with TPU. This allows you to quickly take the case on and off, while still ensuring the buttons are aligned accordingly. The Symmetry also has a “lay on table” design so that you can put it face down and your phone will still be raised above the flat surface. All edges are smoothed off and rounded, making the case very easy to take in and out of your pocket.

Now let’s take a look at the aesthetic side of the Symmetry Series. We all want to be unique, no one wants to blend in as part of the crowd. Luckily, OtterBox offers a range of new colors and patterns in the Symmetry series. From plain black and whites to colours such as Rose and Boardwalk, there’s a colour for everyone. The Symmetry series even includes a clear “crystal” series of cases, with simply a colored edge bordering the case. This will allow you to show off the back of your phone, while still allow you to express your personality!

The finish on these cases have a matt feel to them, and are not glossy or “finger print magnets.” They’re also very durable and will resist scratches and dings from everyday use and bumps.

Ultra slim, ultra protective and ultra fashionable, that’s the Symmetry series summarized. These cases speak to almost every demographic of smart phone users.

There is a Symmetry for everyone!

Protect your phone while showing off your creative side!


The OtterBox Symmetry series is available for Apple, Samsung and LG devices. Both phones and tablets are supported.

MSRPs range from $49.95 to $64.95.



Otterbox – Strada Series


OtterBox: the name is synonymous with unrivaled protection. OtterBox is the Number 1 protection brand in the world for your mobile phone.

Over the years OtterBox has slimmed down the design of their cases. The Defender Series was the “original” OtterBox, followed by the Commuter Series, and just over two years ago, OtterBox introduced an ever slimmer series called the Symmetry.

Just recently, Otterbox has added a new member to the series: The Strada.

The Strada Series of cases is a variation from the OtterBox cases that we are used to seeing. OtterBox has combined their Certified Drop+ Protection with a folio design to give us a seamless and timeless case. This modern and classic style combined with traditional OtterBox protection makes it a must-have for consumers.

The case portion of the Strada is a combination of TPU and polycarbonate, providing shock absorption and a strong structural design. The leather on the back and front cover of the folio is genuine Italian; this portion of the case wraps from front to back, seamlessly. The leather is of very high quality and is stitched into the case portion of the Strada. There is a magnetic latch that holds the folio closed and “clicks” to confirm the case is firmly shut. The Strada also has a “lay on table” design, so you can put it face down, with the cover open, and your phone will still be raised above the flat surface.

On the inside there is a single card slot for either a payment card or cash. The inside cover is lined with a micro fibre to protect your screen.

The buttons on either side of the case give satisfying and tactile feedback when used. All the buttons line up where they should, allowing you to still use your charger and headphones while the case is on the device.

If you’re looking to step up your game, when it comes to case designs and protection, then the OtterBox Strada is the right solution. Slim, quality craftsmanship and elegant with time-tested protection!


The OtterBox Strada series is available for the Apple iPhone 6/6s and Samsung Galaxy S6. Colours include: Black, Maroon and Brown. MSRPs range from $49.99 to $59.95.