The Future of Gaming: Mad Catz & Mobile Consoles


A phone was just a phone, today we can say that a smart phone is equivalent to having a computer in your pocket. With the increased capacity and computing power of today’s smart phones, it only makes sense that the gaming industry is looking at mobile devices as the next generation of gaming consoles. People are on-the-go more than ever before, and they want to take their gaming with them.

Here is a chart showing revenue growth, and projected revenue growth, of the mobile gaming market.


Source: NewZoo Games Research via Mad Catz

Between 2013 and projected 2016, the Mobile Gaming industry is expected to almost double in revenue growth. The average mobile gamer, in North America, spends $3.87 per month on gaming.

Year-over-year growth, in North America, is 38%. Games can cost between $1.00 and $10.00. It all depends on the developer and the type of game.

There are basically two different types of mobile games.

  1. Free, with pay-to-play features.
  2. Paid for games that may or may not have additional pay for play features.

In the end it comes back to the developer of these games to make sure the player stays playing and spending money. The game has to give off a feeling of “instant gratification”. If the player spends money, they have to feel as though they’re progressing in the game. If not, the player loses interest.

The solution: Mad Catz Mobile Gaming Controllers.

Quite simply, these are gaming controllers that you pair up to your phone or tablet, via Bluetooth, so you can take advantage of the full-screen experience and enjoy your game more.

With all these potential players, and what they’re already spending, they’re not going to be afraid to spend a bit more on a controller that will help them advance in their game and enhance the overall experience. The retail cost associated with a Mad Catz controller is really a “drop in the bucket” compared to how much these gamers are already spending on buying the game and then using the pay-to-play feature.

Mad Catz is all about the mobile gaming experience. They’ve been developing products for all consoles and handheld gaming systems, since the days of the original Nintendo Entertainment System and GameBoy.

They sell their products under the Mad Catz, Tritton and Saitek brand names. Categories include headsets, gaming mice, gaming keyboard, specialty controllers and control pads. Mad Catz is headquartered in San Diego, California with sales offices worldwide, including the UK, China and Korea. have an absolute global presence. Gamers worldwide recognize Mad Catz products for their quality and value.

At Mobile World Congress this year, Mad Catz announced the details of their DFS (Designed For Samsung) Program. These controllers include the acclaimed Micro C.T.R.LR mobile gamepad and S.U.R.F.R wireless media and game controller. Quite simply, they’ve designed these controllers and gamepads to work even better with Samsung phones. Mad Catz displays a “Designed for Samsung” logo on the packaging, that will alert the customer about the seamless compatibility, similar to how the C.T.R.L.i gamepad packaging has the MFi logos on them, for Apple devices. It’s all about communicating to the customer, and letting them know “hey, this product is for you and your phone.”

For all Mad Catz gamepads, there is a choice between the regular sized gamepad or the micro version, both use Bluetooth to connect to your device. You can choose between black or white.

For the Android, C.T.R.L.R version, battery life can be up to 40 hours on the micro gamepad and up to 30 hours on the regular sized gamepad, via Bluetooth. There is also a “mode” button on the bottom of the controllers so you can pair them up to your PC, Mac or even other gaming consoles. You can also use this switch to turn on “mouse mode”, with a pointer on screen or “PC mode.” Each controller gives you a traditional gamepad experience with physical action and shoulder buttons, D-Pad and analog stick. An adjustable clip is also included in the box, so the game can “mount” on the user’s phone above the controller, allowing for a very immersive experience.

With the C.T.R.L.i – Apple version, you get exactly the same experience, except the controllers are MFi certified (Made for i-devices) by Apple; this means that they’ve been tested and given Apple’s “seal of approval”. Consumers will also notice that the C.T.R.L.i gamepads also have coloured X, Y, A, B buttons.

Cesium also carries the R.A.T.5 gaming mouse built for both PC and Mac. You can quickly and easily customize the functions of this mouse through the use of programmable buttons. Features include: length adjustment and a custom weight system. You can add or subtract up to five 6-gram weights into the mouse. The mouse tracks at 5600 DPI (dots per inch), making it one of the most precise mice on the market. There is also a thumb scroll wheel, along with the traditional left and right click buttons. Free software is easily downloadable if you want to create a customized profile for your game.

The S.T.R.I.K.E.M keyboard is a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. Compatible with Mac, Android, iOS, OS X and Window. It comes with a supplied travel pouch and tablet stand. The LED backlighting adds for a cool effect and is adjustable. The internal battery is rechargeable and can last up to 18 hours.

Mad Catz bridges the gap between gamers and mobile gaming to allow  the user to unleash their full potential and fully enjoy the gaming experience. With the growth of the gaming industry, it is time to get on board and be part of this new and exciting evolution and market segment!

For a full list of compatible games, with Mad Catz controllers and gamepads, please go to:






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