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Remember growing up and watching The Jetsons? That futuristic animated series that played on our T.V.s in the 1960s and 1980s, but was based in the 2060s? If you did, then it probably left you wondering what the future would have in store for us? This pop culture reference would not make sense to many millennials, but living in a very technology-centric society does make us wonder what the next advancements will bring us and what kind of impact they will have on our everyday lives.

Wireless charging has been around for a while and available for many different types of devices, but it is taking a bigger place in our lives with the mobile world embracing this technology and making sure that its newly released handsets are compatible with it.

You might have a few questions about this, so we thought we would answer them!

Why should Wireless Charging matter to me?

It’s simple! Wireless Charging is growing and is expected to reach 25 billion USD by 2023, according to a research by Global Market Insight, Inc.  Apple’s recent announcement that the technology will be used for their iPhone is said to be the reason for a spike in demand in consumer applications.


How do I know how to identify a CERTIFIED wireless device?


Yes, the word certified is key! When it comes to wireless charging, look for the Qi logo to ensure that the product has passed Qi certification tests. This will prove that it is certified and thus reliable. You can also visit the Wireless Power Consortium website to check if the product is certified.

Image result for qi logo

But… what is Qi?

Qi, also known as ”power transfer”, is the wireless technology that allows for power to be transferred through inductive charging. It was developed by WPC (Wireless Power Consortium), a company that is ”building a future where all battery operated products can be charged without messy cables.” as it describes itself.

What products would Cesium recommend for Wireless Charging? 

Ventev has great options when it comes to wireless charging, 1 of which being the      Fast Wireless Charger featured below – Qi inductive wireless charging technology allows you to wirelessly power your compatible device by simply placing it directly on the pad. Cesium is now taking Pre-Orders.



Click  below to see this video by Ventev about Wireless Technology. 



iOttie is also a great option for reliable Wireless Charging technology. A great example would be its Easy One Touch 4 Wireless Qi Charging Car Mount.

Easy One Touch 4 Qi Wireless Fast Charging Mount Easy One Touch 4 Qi Wireless Fast Charging Mount

More information about the Wireless Charging technology …

Simple. Efficient. Safe.

qi benefi

from  www.wirelesspowerconsortium.com/about/


Reach out to your Account Manager for additional information about Wireless Charging and solutions offered by Cesium Telecom.


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