*CONTEST* Adventure is Calling: WIN your next adventure thanks to OtterBox and LifeProof!

The adventure of your dreams will soon be within reach! OtterBox, LifeProof & Cesium invite you to participate in the ADVENTURE IS CALLING Contest! 

With over $35,000 in prizes up for grabs, you’ll go from surfing the Cesium catalog to surfing the waves in no time!


To be eligible to win a prize, simply purchase OtterBox & Lifeproof products from Cesium between October 1st and December 31st, 2019.

In order to give each of our customers a fair chance to win regardless of their buying power, 4 categories have been created based on purchase history over the past 3 months. Ask your Account Manager which category you will be competing in!

Category of
Total purchases in past 3 months*
(June 17 – Sept 17)
Prizes for
Most Sales
Prize for
Most % of Growth
EARTH$60,000 +$7,000 in travel vouchers $7,000 in travel vouchers
AIR$30,000 – $59,999 $5,000 in travel vouchers $5,000 in travel vouchers
WATER$15,000 – $29,999 $3,000 in travel vouchers $3,000 in travel vouchers
FIREUp to $14,999 $2,000 in travel vouchers $2,000 in travel vouchers

* The numbers above indicate total customer purchases of OtterBox & LifeProof products between June 17th & September 17th, 2019. Please note, these totals are qualifiers, not targets. Total purchases per customer for this contest (between October 1st & December 31st) are NOT limited to the category amounts listed above!

Contest winners will be announced on January 15, 2020!


This year, in-store sales reps will have the opportunity to win incredible OtterBox & LifeProof prizes as well!

How it works: At the end of each month for the duration of the campaign (October 1st & December 31st , 2019), Cesium customers can submit a sell-through report including the total values of Otterbox/LifeProof products sold by each individual Sales Rep. Based on these monthly reports, Cesium will award the 7 top sellers with amazing prizes, from Tumblers to Coolers! The prize with the highest value will be awarded to the Sales Rep with the highest dollar amount sold.

Sell-Through Reports: must contain the names of the sales rep, item name, item code, item UPC, date of sale, qty sold per item, amount (CAD).

Deadlines to submit:

  • October reports: are to be submitted no later than November 10th
  • November reports: are to be submitted no later than December 10th
  • December reports: are to be submitted no later than January 10th

Winners will be announced in the 3rd week of each month. Customers will receive a notification to provide the addresses of the winning Sales Reps so that the prize can be shipped to them.


  1. All purchase information submitted must be truthful and accurate.
  2. A minimum of $6,000 in OtterBox & LifeProof products must be purchased to qualify for a prize.
  3. This contest is exclusively available to retail customers. Corporate customers are excluded from participating.
  4. Contestants cannot win both prizes within the same category. In the case where one contestant is the leader for most sales and most % of growth, they will be awarded the largest of the 2 sums and the other will go to the runner up.
  5. Once distributed to the winners, travel vouchers cannot be returned or exchanged.


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