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”Technology, mobile phone accessories and cool stuff…reviewed”.

Darren Zakowsky has been with Cesium Telecom for 4 years, now. It is no secret to his teammates and clients that he is a dedicated Account Manager. Everyone knows him as an individual who is not only passionate about advising his clients but also about products and technology, in general. Even if you don’t know him, having read this short introduction, it should come as no surprise that Darren also dedicates some of his free time to technology. For a little over a year now, he has been posting product reviews and unboxing videos to his YouTube channel Zak Tech Reviews. We asked Darren to describe his channel:  ”[In a nutshell, it’s] technology, mobile phone accessories and cool stuff…reviewed”. The ultimate goal of Zak Tech Reviews is for people to learn more about products. “If I can help […] an end-user make a purchase decision, then I’ve accomplished what I wanted,” Darren says.

A Channel’s Evolution

Creating a product review video might seem like an easy task, but it involves many hours of work, from filming to editing, posting regularly, and building and keeping a faithful audience. Darren started out with a written version of his reviews. After a bit of blogging, he decided to transition to video. In his beginnings, his equipment consisted of an iOttie car mount and a Pixel XL phone. The editing was done on YouTube Editor. The quality was not important to him at the time. The goal was to inform viewers and customers about the best products out there and share an entertaining sneak peek from a consumer experience point of view. Seeing his viewership grow and encouraged by his family, Darren decided to invest in his equipment. He is now filming with a Sony 4k camera, using a Joby tripod and uses HitFilm for editing. The quality may have changed, but the formula remains the same. Darren likes to keep it simple. A typical review of his will consists of an unboxing and a demonstration of how the product works without getting overly technical or critical. “People want to see that,” Darren says, and we couldn’t agree more. In a very tech-savvy era such as ours, and considering the accessibility to information the internet offers, product reviews have an important place in how consumers and buyers educate themselves before making a purchase decision.

The quality may have changed, but the formula remains the same. Darren likes to keep it simple. A typical review of his will consists of an unboxing and a demonstration of how the product works without getting overly technical or critical. “People want to see that,” Darren says, and we couldn’t agree more. In a very tech-savvy era such as ours, and considering the accessibility to information the internet offers, product reviews have an important place in how consumers and buyers educate themselves before making a purchase decision.

Darren posts videos to YouTube weekly and he is proud to say that he does it all himself! His dedication has allowed him to produce and share over 50 videos in the last months and his subscriptions and viewership (upwards of 7000 views in a 90 day period!) keep growing and growing.

Many of Darren’s reviewed products are available at cesiumonline.com (lightsabers not included!)… Scroll down to take a look at some of our favourite Zak Tech reviews and head over to Darren’s channel to click subscribe and stay up to date with the latest and greatest in terms of mobile accessory solutions and other tech items.

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Otterbox Cases for Samsung Galaxy S8 Unboxing / Demo    

Watch the video here | Buy Here |

Otterbox-7754544-Black.1499669819    symmetry


Blu Element 3D Curved Glass Screen Pro – Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ Unboxing  

Watch the video here | Buy Here |

curved2   curved


Nomad Leather Lineup Unboxing                                                                                        

Watch the video here  |  Buy Here |

856504004705_a.jpg         nomad.jpg

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EVERKI – A New Line of Top-Tier Bags at Cesium



Cesium Telecom Enters Exclusive Distributorship with US-based EVERKI

EVERKI brings top-tier line of laptop bags for the mobile professional to Cesium assortment of products.

Montreal, QC. (July 07, 2017) – Cesium Telecom. Inc., one of North America’s leading distributors of wireless and consumer electronics accessories, announces an exclusive distribution agreement with EVERKI, featuring their entire line of laptop backpacks, wheeled laptop bags, briefcases, and messengers.

“We are very selective of the brands we work with,” said Sanjay Bakshani, Managing Director of Cesium Telecom, Inc. “EVERKI’s outstanding products, commitment to customer service and dedication to innovation are the things that make this a natural partnership.  We’re excited to be able to provide this top-tier laptop solution for mobile professionals. ”

EVERKI’s Renowned Functionality and Design

EVERKI’s products are built for the mobile professional. The intuitive features, modern aesthetics and innovative design work equally well for commuting to the office or business travel. Many of EVERKI bags feature a technology compartment for both a laptop and a tablet, checkpoint friendly design and innovative features such as a hard-shell sunglasses case; and all EVERKI bags are constructed with durable materials, super-soft felt in the technology compartment and come accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty which covers the entire life of the product.

“EVERKI and Cesium share many common values:  developing strong partnerships, strategic thinking, and teamwork,” said Vyrio Ngo, director of sales at EVERKI USA, Inc. “We’re very excited to forge this partnership with Cesium because we share many core principles, and we feel confident that they will represent our products with the same integrity that has helped us build our reputation. We look forward to working with this great company to bring our products for the mobile professional to more Canadians.”



EVERKI manufactures stylish and innovative lifestyle products that carry and protect the digital equipment we use every day. EVERKI products combine comfort, convenience, durability, and style. EVERKI distributes products throughout North America, Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe, and caters to customers looking for functional luxury.

To learn more, visit http://www.everki.com/.

Here’s where you can buy EVERKI products!


How do people break their devices?

I was rushing to leave home yesterday morning and dropped my phone. I had a sparkly fashion case on it, which cracked on impact, but allowed my device to escape the unfortunate event unscathed. Phew! Although I was relieved, I couldn’t help but wonder how often this happens to other people.  After a bit of research, I noticed that according to several sources on the internet, this is a very common occurrence among smartphone users. Some would even call it an epidemic.

Image result for dropped phone

A survey conducted by Digitaltrends.com found that 50% of people, on a global scale, have experienced a broken smartphone screen. 



My most common M.O. for breaking a phone usually involves it slipping out of my hand and landing on a hard surface. This has happened to me more times than I care to admit, so I thought it would be interesting to find out how other people in the same boat break their devices.



Data from pcadvisor.com

My next line of questioning revolved around what people who never drop their phones do differently. Luckily, PureWow.com/tech had the same question and conducted a survey which yielded these 6 tricks about how to avoid breaking your device:

  • Protect it with a good case
  • Stow it away (In your purse, briefcase…)
  • Avoid water (at all costs!)
  • Never walk and text
  • Keep it out of your toddler’s hands


This is great advice, overall, but somewhat limiting, except for the one about getting a good case. A smartphone represents an important investment. It is not only likely to be upwards of $500, but such devices have seen an evolution over the years, going from a simple telephone to important communication and work tools. With this in mind, why not take preventative measures to ensure their intended or even prolonged lifetime?

Here are some Cesium tips and tricks, as well as some suggested products:

Tips & Tricks…


or the type of activity you’ll be taking your phone on!

The average consumer might need a different kind of case if they are surfing the internet from their couch than if they are off hiking a mountain. UAG‘s cases cater to the thrill-seeker in you, with their rugged, lightweight, drop-tested protection. How can you go wrong with military tested protection?

A rugged option is always nice to have, even if you’re not a daredevil, so a happy medium between protection and fashion is also welcomed. Otterbox’s Symmetry series might be the right fit for you if you won’t give up a good looking case for ultimate protection.


It might fall, but it won’t be a fail.

Screen protectors are an easy, affordable way to prevent cracked and scratched screens. With options like the ones blu element and Puregear offer, there is no reason to have a cracked screen anymore. This will help you avoid new device and repair expenses, which represents major cost savings. Another great option is the one offered by Crystal Tech Nano 2.0, It’s a liquid screen protector which is not only easy to apply to your phone but will protect it from water and scratches for up to 1 year. It is a 1 size fits all product and it’ll enhance your touchscreen rather than hinder it.


Think of different ways to avoid unfortunate drops altogether.

Other creative solutions exist out there. For instance, there is the Phone Loop. This simple, but effective and innovative product, is very easy to install. Selfie Sticks are also perfect for this time of the year when summer days are ahead and outdoor events start to crowd your calendar. Why not try a Puregear Universal Bluetooth Selfie Stick? The name says it all… it is a wire and hassle-free solution that fits and protects any phone and will help you capture your best memories!


1. Otterbox Symmetry & other products

2. UAG Pathfinder & other products

3. blu element Tempered Glass screen protector iPhone 6/6S Plus | MSRP: $29.99

4. CrystalTech Nano Liquid Screen Protector | MSRP: $19.99

In the end, accidents happen, but there are many different ways to avoid maximum damage. All of the solutions listed above are available at cesiumonline.com.  Why not protect your phone at Cesium, the leading cell phone accessory distributor in Canada!

Leave a comment below to let us know your broken smartphone stories or interesting tricks!


Through the eyes of Massimo Bono: Journey to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro -Donate to S.M.A. now!



It was a regular Saturday afternoon and I get a call from Adamo Mariani. First thing he says: “Are you ready to do 2 amazing things with me?”

I, very intrigued with Adamo’s proposition, respond “yes!” having seen his Mtl blurb video instructing everyone and anyone to say yes to absolutely everything… Such great advice!

Adamo goes on to say, “You and I are going on a spiritual adventure – we’re climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in January 2017. And! We’re going to raise 30k for doing it to donate to the S.M.A foundation!”

For those who don’t know, S.M.A stands for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It is a rare neuromuscular disorder characterised by loss of motor neurons and progressive muscle wasting, leading to mobile impairment, and often to early death.

I, speechless for about 30 seconds, said to this guy, “Are you friggin insane?!” He told me all about his bucket list and how much he has always wanted to climb this Mountain.  Me on the other hand… Not so much. Why? Spiders! Africa has the biggest spiders in the world!!! I’ve always wanted to stay far, far away! By the way, did you know Mount Kilimanjaro is the 4th highest mountain in the world? Or that it is 3/4 quarters of the height of Everest!? I’ve seen too many documentaries about mountain climbing and I always thought those people to be crazy! Why would I ever want to climb a mountain and risk losing a limb or even my life. No way!

Then I thought about Sammy.

Sammy is his cousin, battling S.M.A since birth. He is now 16 years old. Sammy struggles daily just to get through his day to day. He is such a strong and courageous person. I realized that I am fortunate enough to even be physically capable to consider going.

I thought about all the families that have been affected by S. M. A. And the lives they lead. It is such a horrible illness and it is heartbreaking to see so many people suffering from it.

I knew I could not pass up this opportunity. I shouldn’t even dare to think of passing it up. How dare I take what I’ve been given in my life for granted.

So did I said yes right after this reflection? Nope. But I did give him a HUGE maybe!

I wanted to see how serious he was about this. Also, we would need to get in shape!

Apparently, it is easier to climb a mountain with less muscle mass, but I don’t believe him. Either way, I suggested we start small with a test hike up Mount Royal. I wanted to see where his head was at. 4 hours later,  we were at the cross looking over the city.  I saw how determined he was in seeing this through to the end.

I realized that this would not only be for a great cause, but it would be a life changing experience. For me, it is the exact opposite of checking an item off a bucket list. I need to do this to get out of my comfort zone and to challenge myself.  An 8 day challenge for me vs. a lifetime challenge for Sammy? It’s a no brainer!

Do I know Sammy very well? Not really. I’ve only met him a few times at the S.M.A fundraisers.

Does that matter? Not at all. You don’t need to know someone very well to realize how hard their life must be and to appreciate their struggle.  More importantly, you don’t need to know them at all to want to help.

Sammy is now 16 years old now – this is amazing.  This would not have been possible without the funds that have been raised progressively throughout the years through this foundation. This is why I truly believe in the cause. Every little bit helps. Every contribution matters.

So there it is…

Mount Kilimanjaro, you’re mine to conquer and you will serve an important purpose to bettering countless peoples’ lives.  I’ll meet you at the top.

Please donate and see how far your generosity will go!


Otterbox protection – Cesium selection


Otterbox. The name is synonymous with protection. Everyone knows that if you want to protect your phone then you get an Otterbox. We all recognize and trust that yellow and black packaging when we see it on peg-walls. There is an Otterbox for everyone, no matter the environment your device will encounter.

Otterbox Series include – Defender, Commuter, Symmetry and Strada – with over 24 individual tests done on each case, and over 238 hours of testing overall, you know you can trust Otterbox with their patented Certified Drop+ Protection. We are not going to get into the details of each of these Drop Protection military tested series – that could take a long time. Rather, this blog is about what Cesium has to offer from this premium trusted brand.

When a new device comes to the market the first thing we ask is “does Otterbox make a case for it?” Over the years we’ve seen OtterBox shift from only supporting flagship phones, like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy line-up, to supporting ‘tier 2’ devices such as the HTC 10 and OnePlus devices, and more recently some ‘tier 3’ devices based on demand. If OtterBox makes a case for a phone that’s on the Canadian market, then you can be sure Cesium will be carrying it in our portfolio.

In conjunction with the release of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Cesium has brought in EVERY series of case available, in EVERY color. Cesium currently has 55+ Otterbox SKUs available as part of our portfolio. This is a first for us, and it is a trend we intend to continue. We pride ourselves on our high stock rating – demand for Otterbox is always high, so we make sure to always have you covered!

At the end of the day it is about delivering value and protection to your customers, but it is also about making sure we can offer you more than just a “bulky black case.” OtterBox produces their cases in a full array of colours and patterns for you to choose from. There is an OtterBox for everyone. Want something slim and pink? Choose a Symmetry with a clear back and pink border. Need ultimate protection and a built-in screen protector? Check out the Defender series. You want that in Camo or Blue? We have that too!

We encourage you and your customers to experience more than just plain colours. Pick from the rainbow and make it interesting for your end-users. Need help deciding? Ask your account manager for a planogram and or suggestions based on sales numbers.

The next time you need to order OtterBox make sure you check out Cesium’s selection first. We have the various series, models and colours for the devices that are supported. We work very closely with our friends at OtterBox to make sure we have the stock and selection that’s in demand. Our local representative at OtterBox is located in Toronto and is always available with a quick text or phone call. OtterBox has the protection. Cesium has the selection.

Cesium proudly recognized by Profit 500 as one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies!



To all our valued Customers and Business Partners:

We are very proud to announce that Cesium has again made the Profit 500 list as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies, ranking 262nd overall. The list was officially published a few days ago by the
Profit 500 group.

This marks the 4th consecutive year, and 8th time overall that Cesium has earned this achievement. We thank our hard working and dedicated nation-wide team, as well as our valued customers and business partners alike for contributing to this success.




Un grand merci à vous chers clients de nous supporter en faisant affaires avec nous!

Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer que Cesium a de nouveau fait la liste candienne des Leaders de la Croissance/Profit 500, en se classant au 262e rang. La liste a été officiellement publiée il y a quelques jours par le groupe Profit 500.

Cela marque notre 4ème année consécutive, et la 8e fois au total que Cesium gagne cette récompense .

Nous remercions le dur labeur de notre équipe à l’échelle nationale , ainsi que nos clients et partenaires d’affaires pour leur contribution à ce succès! .





MiPow – Essential for the On-the-Go, Pokemon-Go Lifestyle!



“Gotta catch ‘em all!” That’s Pokemon Go’s tagline for their new addictive and interactive game that is available for Android and iOS. This past summer we’ve seen a surge of all sorts of people playing the game. The game uses augmented reality, which is a way of overlaying digital information on top of real world surroundings. You see the full picture by looking through the camera on your smart phone. As well, the game uses your phone’s GPS to tag your surrounding and gets you to move around in the real world. This results in a lot of physical movement, interaction with other players and crowds of people gathered at local park and hotspots (seriously, go search on YouTube).

The only downside: your phone’s battery will take a serious hit on power consumption. GPS alone uses a lot. So does your camera. Augmented reality uses twice as much. The game also needs your screen on to play. Again, screen power uses a lot of power. So what’s the solution? Plug in? Ok, but there isn’t always a plug-in around when you’re out walking around. How about a car charger? Well, not everyone will be near a vehicle or have one. The most economical and easiest solution is a portable power pack to carry with you!

There are so many choices when it comes to portable power, but MiPow takes it to the next level and really makes sure you have everything you need. Designs are sleek, modern and beautiful.

There are basically three choices when it comes to MiPow portable power: small (single full charge), medium (single full charge, plus some) and large (multiple full charges). But they’re also all very convenient to carry and use. Depending on your phone’s battery, and how you carry around things, there’s a MiPow for everyone. MiPow is also very strict on quality control. That’s why ALL MiPow products that have an iOS connector (lightning plug) are MFi certified by Apple.

On the small end MiPow has their Power Tube 3000 series. These are just a little longer than a tube of chap-stick, but will contain a full one-time charge for your phone’s battery (3,000mAh). On top of that, the Power Tube comes WITH the cable needed to plug into your phone. Ie: no more carrying around a separate power cable. The finish on the outside is a soft-touch plastic and there are LED lights to give you an indication of power level remaining. You can also use the MiPow app and Bluetooth pair with the Power Tube to track it’s location, power level and also use it as a Bluetooth dongle! The price is attractive at $59.99 for the iOS version and $49.95 for the micro USB version.

On the medium side MiPow has their Power Cube 5000 series. These are sleek and fit perfectly into a back pocket. As usual, they come with the connector to charge your phone and LED indicator lights. The Power Cube series provides a full charge and a half, for most phones (5,000mAH). Pricing is $79.95 (MSRP) for the iOS version.

Finally, on the large side MiPow has their Power Cube 9000 series. These are the ultimate solution for the hardcore Pokemon Go player and traveler. These will provide 2 or maybe 3 full charges, depending on your phone’s battery size (9,000mAH). In my case, with my Samsung Galaxy S7, I get 3 full charges! This model of MiPow is wrapped in a beautiful aluminum body and has LED lights to indicate the power level. And yes, connectors are present (as with all MiPows) so you don’t have to carry extra cables with you. There is even an extra USB port so a second person can charge their phone! Output level of the power is also at the highest (2.4 amps) so you get a fast charge out of the Power Cube. You can also charge a tablet with this model. Pricing is $84.95 (MSRP) for the iOS version.

All MiPow portable power batteries have a smart fuse and safety controls put in place. They help regulate the temperature of the internal lithium-ion battery and protect the user from short circuits. In short: they are safe devices and MiPow takes it seriously. MiPow also manufacturers their own batteries. No third party.

So there you go! You have your portable power, so get out there and catch ‘em all!